Welcome to Villa Learning Center
Miami, FL

To Our Prospective Families,

It is an honor and privilege to welcome you to our Villa Learning Center Family. We are a family run center that prides itself in providing a strong foundation for future success both socially as well as academically. We strive to deliver each student and family with personalized attention and meet the individual needs of all our students. We believe that all children are unique and have the ability to reach their highest levels of potential. It is with this same care and commitment that we provide a loving and caring environment in which the students are provided with opportunities for growth and development.

With many years of public-school experience in varying capacities not limited to administration, we look to provide the tools needed for our students to be successful. Our high expectations and high levels of dedication ensure that each student is ready for academic success. It is with the work of the school and parents that are students are prepared to meet the challenges associated with academic rigor.

Ana Pasternac
Annette Pasternac-Velazco, MSW

Classes & Programs


The infant class is for children as young as 6 weeks until they turn 12 month and/or are beginning to walk. The infant room is designed to be a supportive “home away from home” for our youngest children.

Toddler 1

The Toddler 1 class is for children age 1 and up. The class is designed to be a welcoming and joyful introduction to a child’s preschool experience.

Toddler 2

The Toddler 2 Class is for children age 2 and up and is designed to be a supportive transition from the toddler years to the preschool years. The classroom is an environment rich in material and new experiences.

Pre-K 3

The Pre-K 3 classroom is for children who are 3+ years and is designed to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills until they transition into VPK. It’s designed to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills.


Our Graduates! An exciting literature rich classroom in which the children realize that “I Can Read” and “I Can Write”. A classroom through which children are challenged and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. The teachers work hard and provide our students with life experiences that will forever be part of their academic foundation.


June is an exciting month in which our children are able to change courses. As our academic year comes to a close, our summer camp vibe begins.

Why Villa Learning Center?

We believe that each child should have the opportunity to explore, experience and succeed at developmentally appropriate levels. Children should be given the freedom of choice, independence and laughter. Children are given the support to develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, and forming friendships; confidence in problem solving and in making decisions; and a sense of self that enables children to interact competently with their world.