Villa Taekwondo

Our children’s taekwondo program headed by United Martial Arts is designed to promote the ideals of focus, respect, discipline, loyalty, and self-confidence, the most important aspects of a child’s training. They must learn and understand the tenets of United Martial Arts – “Perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit” – and practice them inside and outside the dojang. Weekly classes include high energy extra- curricular activities which provide a strong foundation for our student’s future success.

Villa Dance

JM Dance has brought an enrichment program to preschool for over five years. The program specializes in teaching toddler and preschool level dancing. We instill the fundamentals necessary for growth, discipline, and self-confidence. Stretching, breathing, and dance movements are performed in every class and we encourage imagination, musicality, improvisation, and graceful movements. Our program is comprised of a day of Ballet and a day of Hip-Hop on a weekly basis. Each class is 45 minutes. Our company celebrates two important events throughout the year. A Christmas Presentation on December where children perform at the school; and The JM Dance Center annual presentation in May held in an auditorium where students from all participating schools gather together to perform.