Pre-K 3

The Pre-K 3 classroom is for children who are 3+ years and is designed to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills until they transition into VPK. It’s designed to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills.

A classroom environment rich in new experiences as the children are exposed to many new concepts. Working letter by letter, number by number, our children are able to gain a good working knowledge of the alphabet and numbers.

The classroom becomes ever more exciting with science experiments and many hands on projects to stimulate their attention and interest. From the use of shaving cream for fine motor development to finger painting the children are constantly challenged to reach for the stars.

The class focuses on supporting the 3 year olds increased independence along with their desire to work and play with others. Every day, children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense natural curiosity as they engage in art, dramatic play, block exploration, science investigation, games, and more. Through these daily experiences, the children build their language, their cognition, and their relationships with others. Every day, the children also visit the playground where they are invited to climb, run, and build the gross motor skills that are central to their larger development.

We understand the importance of helping the students develop a positive self-concept by increasing their independence. The program is designed to support the child’s intellect, creativity, and ability to work with others that will help them become innovative, considerate, and engaged individuals ready to enter VPK with confidence. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

Developmental and Academic Goals

Letter Recognition


Shape Recognition

Name Writing

Sound Recognition

Color Recognition

Numbers 1-25

Single Digit Arithmetic