Toddler 2

The Toddler 2 Class is for children age 2 and up and is designed to be a supportive transition from the toddler years to the preschool years. The classroom is an environment rich in material and new experiences.

The class focuses on supporting this age group’s tendency to ask “why” as they dig deep into their fascination with asking questions and trying to find the answers. The thematic based instruction provides room for playing while learning and growing. Each day, children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense of curiosity as they engage in sensory and art experiences, listen to stories, sing and dance, and explore the classroom environment. Through these daily experiences, the children build their fine motor skills, their cognition, and their self-concept. Every day, the children also visit the playground where they are invited to climb, run, and build the gross motor skills that are central to their larger development.

We understand the importance of helping these toddlers to develop a positive self-concept by increasing their ability to participate in self-help skills. Children in the Toddler 2 class are given age-appropriate responsibilities such as beginning to take ownership over toilet mastery and restroom use, helping keep the classroom clean by putting away materials when they are finished using them, and picking up themselves after meals.

The program is designed to support the growth of the curiosity about their world that will help them become inquiring, empathetic, and confident individuals. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

Developmental and Academic Goals

Oral Language Development

Primary Colors Recognition

Numbers 1-10

Toilet Training

Introduction to Hands-On Science


Basic Shape Recognition


Cutting with Scissors

Letter and Number Tracing