Our Graduates! An exciting literature rich classroom in which the children realize that “I Can Read” and “I Can Write”. A classroom through which children are challenged and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. The teachers work hard and provide our students with life experiences that will forever be part of their academic foundation.

Demands are high and our student’s work hard together with the teachers and parents to reach new heights. It is through doing that they learn best therefore the classroom provides hands-on science, math and reading. With a higher level of independence comes higher levels of responsibility and our students truly meet the mark. Finally, as they prepare for graduation, their end of year performance is sure to be an unforgettable event.

The class also focuses on supporting the 4 year olds desire to learn and create. Daily experiences are created so that children can construct their own understanding of the world, talk about their understanding of the world with peers and teachers, and practice this understanding in small groups as they look at focused strategies in early literacy and math.

In the writing, reading, and math experiences are authentic and focused around helping the children build the underlying foundation that set the stage for deep understanding of the subjects. Children, for example, can be seen writing their names during morning attendance on a clipboard, drawing in their journal as they make observations of ladybugs, developing their spatial awareness as they consider which block would fit best in a structure, and building their number sense as they prepare sets for the classroom. Every day, the children also visit the playground where they are invited to climb, run, and build the gross motor skills that are central to their larger development.

We understand the importance of helping the students develop a positive self-concept by increasing their independence. The program is designed to support the child’s intellect, creativity, and ability to work with others that will help them become innovative, considerate, and engaged individuals ready to enter Kindergarten with confidence. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

Developmental and Academic Goals

85 Sight Words

Compound Words

Numbers 1-30

Single Digit Addition and Subtraction

Word Families

Word Deletion

Counting by 5 and 10 to 100

Science Experiment and Hypothesis